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Prawn pasta summer salad

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

This recipe can work with most ingredients, so you can change this recipe to fit your fridge.

The only thing I would say is required is a smaller sized pasta, such as orzo or stelline. This is because it accompanies the other ingredients better so it come together as a dish rather than a pasta.

“The great inbetweener; feels lighter than pasta but fills you up more than a salad.”

It’s filling and fresh, the perfect medium for a lunch.

Prawns with Stelline, Beans & Chicory

Sweat onions and garlic and chilli. (A great trio just like onions, celery &carrots)

Tip in your small grain pasta and then add the wine. Once the wine has reduced, add stock and water to just cover. Cook this dish like a risotto, add more water until pasta has absorbed it all and cooked through. Finish with butter or olive oil.

You can add any flavouring to this as I have said whatever you have in your fridge.

Either pre cook the ingredients and then combine at the end or if you can judge timings add accordingly.

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