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Chorizo & olive mayo

Those Mediterranean flavours are a great accompaniment for some smokey salt and pepper squid

Chorizo and squid are a classic pair. They go together like a good gin & tonic. You can replace the mayo with creme fraiche or yoghurt if preferred. However I think as a dipping sauce for salt and pepper squid the mayo works best.

Chorizo & Olive Mayo

80g chorizo 80g green pimento olives 1 lemon tbsp creme fraiche 2 egg yolks 1/2 tsp Dijon mustard 500ml olive/veg oil or half of each. Season to taste (both chorizo and olives are rather salty so I can imagine this will be limited)

Blitz the olives and chorizo together when raw. Once blitzed put in a pan on a low heat for the flavours to ooze. Meanwhile make a mayonnaise. Place the eggs yolks, pinch of salt and mustard in the blender and blitz. Slowly add the oil until fully combined, if it looks like it is about to split squeeze the lemon into the blender. Add creme fraiche to warm mixture and then fold into the mayo slowly to combine.

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